Destroy the old world, forge a new world: Posters and the Cultural Revolution » The powerful Red Guard and a weak capitalist reactionary

The powerful Red Guard and a weak capitalist reactionary

BEIJING, CHINA – JANUARY 1: A poster is displayed in late 1966 in Beijing’s street featuring how to deal with so-called “enemy of the people” during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Since the May 1966 launch of the Cultural Revolution at Beijing University, the Red Guards were instrumental in Mao’s recapture of power after the failure of the Great Leap Forward. The movement was directed against “party leaders in authority taking the capitalist road.” The Red Guards went on rampage in Chinese towns, terrorizing people, particularly older ones. In 1966-67, they had full power to check and arrest people in Beijing until the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) went them in the countryside once Mao recaptured power. (Photo credit should read JEAN VINCENT/AFP/Getty Images)

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