I have been called judgemental by three people in my writing about China. At first I accepted it but I have since decided that I have been labeled with unfair abandon.

I will admit to being judgemental if you admit that anyone with an opinion is judgemental. Sometimes I am called judgemental for disagreeing with others’ actions or values, which may be fair; but can’t I complain about anything without being called judgemental? Or am I only allowed to complain about things from “my country”? Judging something means saying if it is good or bad. For example, am I judgemental because I believe that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s tight grip on power in China is wrong? So call me judgemental. So I think dictatorship is wrong because it tramples on universal human rights (which China signed up to) like freedom. The only people who do not value freedom are those who take theirs for granted or those who have not experienced it. (Incidentally, I would have posted this on my blog earlier but in China I am not allowed to use or view blogs.) This may also be a good time to mention that my values are not supplied by “my country”, since I don’t think of myself as having a country, but by my experiences. So are yours, actually. Go get more experience and then challenge your own views a little more.

Hate it or love it, I am a very opinionated person with strong ideas of what is right and wrong. And I am not closed minded, either. My beliefs are firm enough that I feel I know what is right and wrong and yet fluid enough that I continually challenge even my most basic principles. Next time don’t be so quick to throw around a label like “judgemental”. If you read this blog, you will have heard me judge many things and I am not about to stop saying what I think because I’m afraid of offending a few billion people. Instead of getting insulted, consider that I might be right.

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