Documentaries and the truth

I have trouble believing how naive we can be. The National (Canada’s national daily news program) ran a story tonight asking if we should expect documentaries to tell the truth. Their example was Michael Moore and his movies, saying that Moore’s work was not all true and were more entertaining than informative. You expect the truth from the media? Don’t.

Why would documentaries tell us “the truth”? Do we expect the truth from newspapers and news programs? The truth is a very complex idea–there is no natural, objective truth out there because everyone sees things differently. No one person, medium or religion will ever tell you the truth. If you keep your mind open for debate, like I said in my last post, you will learn. Michael Moore provides but one point of view in the sea of opinions we call the media. Seeking the truth is like digging for gold in your backyard: there may be some there, but you’ll be digging a long time.

So keep digging if you like, but a better idea would be to listen to everyone’s case and never completely make up your mind.


One Response to “Documentaries and the truth”

  1. meow Says:

    Very true 🙂 I always say there are many truths to a fact. Wonder how that reflects on our judicial system since they only ask for the truth and nothing but the truth.

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