The Beginning

My name is Christopher Haynes and I present to you the Menso Guide to War, Conflict and World Issues. The Menso Guide to War is an analysis of the conflicts in our world that lead to violence, with emphasis on the Middle East and continental Asia. I want us to understand and eliminate violent conflict on a world scale. I believe we can end the big conflicts in our society that threaten our security by understanding them better. And when I say “our” security, I mean that of the whole world. I am a world citizen. Here a few of the questions we will explore in the Menso Guide to War.

How do human nature and psychology lead to violence?

How do religion, culture, education and societal structure lay the foundations for conflict? Why do they lead some societies away from it? How can they be changed?

What is similar about all war, regardless of location and scope?

Why does terrorism cause responses so disproportionate to the pain it inflicts?

Why are the Middle East and Africa so prone to conflict, while places like Europe and East Asia have all but eliminated it?

Why are there so many nationalists and so few internationalists?

What is the role of moderates in war and conflict, and what leads people to extremism?

I am a political scientist, dedicated to understanding and improving the world.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

At this, the end of my career in AIESEC, a year after my graduation from the University of Victoria, Canada, with a political science degree, and the beginning of my entrance into the workforce, I want to share with the world my teachable points of view on violent conflict and its relation to politics, culture and psychology. Feel free to post your comments and I look forward to arguing with you.

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2 Responses to “The Beginning”

  1. Darko Says:

    hey Chrisi:),

    good luck with the blog man. for sure i will read it once in a while.

    i would reply you on the nationalism in Europe subject, but i will skip it for now. the last time that we were talking about that we used couple of hours.

    take care dude,

  2. Kimchi Says:

    *woot woot*

    welcome to the world of blogging! Hope you are doing great, are you heading back to Canada soon?

    my next step along the way will be London. YAY!!! Another AIESEC traineeship, but hopefully the first step towards a real career 😉

    big hug & love,
    KIMCHI 🙂

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